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Hi! My name is Dale. I am retired from the newspaper industry where I have earned local, regional, state and national awards for my photography. I have lived in Nappanee my entire life and love the people, the area and the fun that we have right here on the southern border of Elkhart County.

One of the attractions to this area is the Amish community that has been established here since the mid 1800’s. Because of the beautiful work that these craftsmen produce; furniture, cabinetry, clocks, baked goods and crafts, we have visitors come from all over the country wanting to purchase and admire the handiwork that the Amish have to offer.

Although retired, when I am not on the golf course, I can usually be found with a camera in my hand shooting some aspect of life in Nappanee. Life in Nappanee offers you the opportunity to view the various past, present and future happenings ….so Embrace the Pace of the community known as Nappanee.

Nappanee has a large settlement of “Plain People”

We are proud of and stand behind our First Responders

Fairs, Festivals and Events are commonplace all summer and fall!